05.04.2009 18:22:53
Hi dear Morane Fans.

I am from Hungary, a proud (new)owner of a 1974 MS893E located at LHTL ex MIL airport. I do the refurbismnent of this nice bird, and I try to locate the source of the "small" white switches (like fuel pump) for this aircraft...before I go to Socata.
If somebody could give me a idea would be appreciated.

Mit vielen Grüsse


06.04.2009 09:44:53
Hallo Freunde
Hier weitere Details: Serial No.12531 aus 1974. Hier ein Bildausschnitt mit Bitte um Kontrolle, ob die Schalter alle oder z. Teil nur original sind. Wenn original, dann bitte welche?

When I look into my part catalog to the drawings, I see on Fig.7.7.7 the shape of your picture.

There are 7 switches. From left to right.

1. Ref. no.20, Part.No. 22457.353 / Bipolar switch
2. Ref. no.21, Part.No. 22457.352 / On switch
3. Ref. no.22, Part.No. 22457.3523 / Fuel pump switch
4. Ref. no.23, Part.No. 22457.351 / Unipolar switch
5. seems to be same as 4 / no further desciption
6. Ref. no.46, Part.No. 22457.351 / Navigation light switch
7. seems to be same as 6 / no further description.